harvesting chlamy cells

Dr. David Roos droos at sas.upenn.edu
Thu Feb 13 10:21:35 EST 1997

Larger pore-size filters (or various sizes) are available from Nuclepore
(now a division of Costar, now a division of Corning).  I do not know
whether these would work for Chlamy, however -- DSR

>Has anyone there used the Millipore Pellicon filtering system for
>harvesting Chlamy cells?? We are currently growing carboys of chlamy
>cells and we badly need a system to speed up the process of harvesting
>the cells. The largest pore size that I can get is 0.45um. I want to
>make sure that the chlamy cells will not clog this filter.
>thanks. any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.
>glenda m. soriano
>gsoriano at bilbo.bio.purdue.edu

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