Culture Media Recipes

Andy J A.M.JOHNSTON at dundee.ac.uk
Mon Feb 24 09:27:10 EST 1997

I wonder if anyone can help me.  I am having a few problems making up
bulk media for chlamydomonas reinhardtii.  I really need to be able to
make up the media in a block to avoid having to add anything after
autoclaving, apart from my innoculum.  I also want to avoid the use of
non-specific compounds such as "yeast extract" or "lab-lemco powder".
This is so I can calculate the osmolarity of the medium from the
molecular weights of the added compounds.  In brief the specifications
I require are as follows;

a.      "All in one" mix that will not precipitate on autoclaving.

b.      Use of only chemically defined ingredients (no yeast extract).

c.      "Complete" media for rapid and sustained growth.

Any ideas?


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