Meeting on Photosynthetic Membranes

Beverley Green beverley.green at mtsg.ubc.ca
Fri Jan 24 08:57:44 EST 1997


University of British Columbia
Vancouver, B.C., Canada
July 31- Aug.2, 1997

A Satellite Meeting associated with the joint ASPP/CSPP/JSPP/ASSP
Conference, Aug. 2-6, 1997

A Turning Point in Photosynthesis Research
        Research on the photosynthetic membrane has reached a turning
point. Almost all the structural proteins involved in the electron
transport chain have been identified and their genes sequenced. We have
considerable information about how they are organized in macromolecular
complexes, how light energy is absorbed and transferred, and the path of
electron flow.
        Now come the really tough questions that will keep us busy for the
next decade!

The Questions:
(1) How is this elaborate membrane machinery assembled?
Keynote Speaker: Neil Hoffman, Carnegie Institution, Stanford.

(2) How does the plant regulate its energy-converting processes to adapt to
different environmental conditions?
Keynote Speaker: Norman Huner, University of Western Ontario.

Who should Come?
        This meeting should be of interest to researchers and students
working on any aspect of chloroplast biogenesis, physiological adaptation,
photoprotection/photoinhibition or any aspect of the light reactions of
photosynthesis. People who will have posters at the ASPP conference might
like to present their results in person at this meeting, where they would
have a more focussed audience and a chance to network and get into some
real discussions. The smaller format of this conference and the social
activities are planned to emphasize debate and interaction. A picnic lunch
will be provided on Aug. 1.

For More Information:   e-mail brgreen at unixg.ubc.ca

Preliminary Program

Thursday July 31: Evening social gathering in Gage Towers lounge on UBC campus.
Friday Aug. 1 (UBC campus)
Morning Session: Adaptation of the Photosynthetic Apparatus
Keynote Speaker Norman Huner, followed by 15-20 min. presentations by attendees.

Picnic Lunch/Buffet (included in registration fee)

Afternoon Session: Assembly of the Photosynthetic Membrane (UBC campus)
Keynote Speaker Neil Hoffman, followed by 15-20 min. presentations by attendees.

 Posters: There will be space to put up posters all day Aug. 1.

Saturday Aug. 2 (UBC campus)
Morning session: Contributed presentations from attendees.

Noon: Take bus or taxi downtown to register for ASPP/CSPP meeting.

Pre-registration Planning, Abstracts, Fees
Information and Pre-registration:

(1) Send an e-mail message to brgreen at unixg.ubc.ca
        It would be very helpful if we could have some idea of the number
of people who are considering participating, so please drop me a line!

(2) By mail:     Dr. Beverley R. Green,
                Botany Dept., University of B.C.
                #3529-6270 University Boulevard,
                Vancouver, B.C., Canada V6T 1Z4

(3) Phone:       1-604-822-2349
        Fax:    1-604-822-6089

Abstracts: Abstract deadline will probably be mid-April (to be announced later).

Registration Fees: (Canadian Dollars)
        Faculty &  Principal Investigators              $125
        Postdoctoral Fellows                       100
        Graduate Students                                    75

Accommodations: On campus (shared bathroom) for about $30/night.

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