cDNA libraries

Doug Roberts droberts at joplin.biosci.arizona.edu
Tue Jul 8 09:58:23 EST 1997

Greetings fellow Chlamy workers,

        We have two small requests.

        One, we are looking for generous people willing to share cDNA
libraries.  We would like to obtain acetate, no carbon source, and
libraries if at all possible.  We might also request the appropriate E.
host strain depending on the library vector.

        Two, we would like any information and references people might
have on genes with unusual features such as:

        1. Non-standard TATA boxes
        2. Non-TGTAA poly A sites (like TGTGA from Actin. Any others?)
        3. Genomic clones with no introns (like chlamyopsin?)
        4. Proteins with unusual amino acid distributions (P,A,R,G rich)
        5. 'Long' branchpoint to 3' splice site distances in introns
        6. Anything else that might help identify a non-obvious gene from
           genomic sequence.

        Probably like everyone else here, we have a genomic clone with many
possibilities for our gene, and would like clues that anyone would like
to offer.

        Thanks for your time,

        Doug Roberts
        droberts at joplin.biosci.arizona.edu

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