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Tue Jul 8 17:33:22 EST 1997

Postdoctoral Position
Department of Plant Biology
UC Berkeley

Openings are available to study a photosystem-II repair process in
Chlamydomonas.  Salary starting at $30,000/year.  The research employs
genetic, molecular and biochemical approaches for the identification and
characterization of PSII repair mutants.  DNA insertional mutagenesis is
used to generate mutants, isolate the genes and identify the enzymes
responsible for the recovery of PSII from photooxidative damage. Applicants
with experience in the molecular biology/genetics of Chlamydomonas are
asked to provide a CV, names of references and a brief description of
previous research to Dr. A. Melis, University of California, Department of
Plant Biology, 411 Koshland Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720-3102; e-mail
melis at nature.berkeley.edu.

*  Tasios Melis, Professor      *
*  Plant and Microbial Biology  *
*  411 Koshland Hall            *
*  University of California     *
*  Berkeley, CA 94720-3102      *
*  Tel 510-642-8166             *
*  Fax 510-642-4995             *

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