candidates to apply for EU Biotech Research Training Grant

Michael Hodges hodges at sidonie.ibp.u-psud.fr
Tue Mar 18 08:37:00 EST 1997

Demand for candidates to apply for a EU Biotechnology Research Training Grant

Research group at the Plant Biotechnology Institute (Institut de
Biotechnologie des Plantes) at the Universite Paris Sud-XI, Orsay, France
(situated 25km from Paris) is looking for possible candidates to apply for
a EU Biotechnology Research Training Grant.

The role of mitochondrial transporters in the control of carbon
availability for nitrogen metabolism in higher plants

Isolation of new cDNAs (and genes), purification and characterisation of
recombinant proteins, expression studies and the generation/evaluation of
transgenic plants

Nationality: Must be  a national of EU Member State or Associated State
(but NOT a French citizen nor somebody having worked in France for 18
months out of the last 2 years)
Age: 35 years-old or less
Expertise: molecular biology, protein biochemistry, plant physiology

The EU selection criteria also includes that the candidate must have at
least 3 publications (preferably as 1st author) in international
peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Duration: 24 months (maximum)
Deadlines: 1 July and 1 November 1997

If successful the applicant should beable to start research work at the
earliest 6 months after the deadline.

Please contact: Dr Michael HODGES
e-mail: hodges at sidonie.ibp.u-psud.fr
fax: +33 1 69 33 64 23

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