proteins in algae

ellen meijer Ellen.Meijer at ALGEMEEN.PK.WAU.NL
Wed Mar 26 09:41:47 EST 1997

Hallo to all algae-experts.
I want to isolate proteins from Chlorella. In literature I found a method to
extract the proteins out of the cells by boiling them in 0.1 N
sodiumhydroxide. Doing this I obtained a recovery of 50 milligram protein per
gram dried cells (so 5% of DW). However generally about 50% of DW should be
proteins. So has somebody experience with isolating proteins from algae and
can he/she suggest me how to improve this percentage. Or is there another
method to extract proteins from small samples?

All suggestions are welcome at Ellen.Meijer at algemeen.pk.wau.nl

Thank you for reading (and answering) this.

 Ellen Meijer
Agricultural University of Wageningen,
Department of Food Science,
Food and Bioprocess Engineering Group,
 the Netherlands.

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