contamination in Chlamy culture

marcel janssen Marcel.Janssen at ALGEMEEN.PK.WAU.NL
Thu Nov 13 09:42:07 EST 1997

Dear colleagues,

I am trying to maintain a pure chlamy culture, a mt+ wild type strain (CC
1690 or 21 gr). Very frequently cultures appaer to be infected by a very
small micro-organism. Its diameter is less than one tenth of the diamater of
a chlamy cell. The organism is only visible at a magnification of 1000 under
a phase-contrast microscope. The organism is motile and looks to be greenish
in the interior.

1) Does anybody have an idea what kind of organism this is? (a small green
alga, a (photo-autotrophic) bacterium or...)
2) Wil it harm my culture? Or is the organism just living from algal residues
without influencing the algae?
3) How could I get rid of it? the answer of this probably depends on the
answer of question 1.

thanks very much for your time,


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