Flagella bases labelling?

Elena Govoru elena.govoru at vkl.uni-regensburg.de
Fri Nov 28 12:38:23 EST 1997

Dear Chlamy netters,

Are there any methods for in vivo fluorescent labelling of flagella
bases or basal bodies in Chlamydomonas?

I am trying to dissect complex patterns of the photoelectric
responses which could be recorded extracellularly from Chlamys sucked
into a tip of a micropipette. I suppose, that one component of these
responses could reflect opening of the ion channels at the
flagella bases. To test this hypothesis, I need to know whether the
flagella bases are inside or outside the micropipette during
recording. Although flagella themselves are usually clearly visible
in this situation, I found it difficult to determine the position of
their bases due to deformation of the cell body.

So, I would be grateful for any suggestions how to solve this

Thank you very much in advance,

Elena Govorunova
University of Regensburg

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