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NSF's Biotic Surveys and Inventories Program

Deadline for Receipt of Proposals:  First Friday in November of each year.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  All proposals submitted to this program must be
submitted electronically via NSF's FastLane by November 7, 1997.  Paper
copies of the Cover Sheet and signed Certification Page must be received by
November 12.

The Grant Proposal Guide allows the option of sending the Project
Description via regular (paper) means with the Cover Sheet.  If this option
is taken, then paper copies of the Project Description (15 copies) must be
received with the Cover Sheet and signed Certification Page by November 7.

All paperwork must be sent directly to the Biotic Surveys and Inventories
Program, DEB Room 635, and not to the Proposal Processing Unit (PPU).

See <http://www. nsf.gov/cgi-bin/getpub?nsf97136> for the current BS&I
Program Announcement and <https://www.fastlane. nsf.gov/> for information
on how to use FastLane.

The National Science Foundation's Biotic Surveys and Inventories Program
(BS&I) supports research into species-level diversity of life on earth as a
prologue to investigations of patterns and processes and the development of
plans for the conservation of that diversity.  The program funds the
discovery (using traditional and/or molecular techniques), collecting,
identifying, classifying and naming of the biota of a substantial
geographic or oceanographic region.  The BS&I program typically makes
between fifteen and twenty awards in this category per fiscal year. Most
awards range from $30,000 to $150,00 per year (averaging $70,000 per year)
and are for three years, although provisions exist for supporting longer

Proposals should involve making collections of specimens (including
cultures, stocks or extracted macromolecules where necessary), discovery of
species new to science, and electronic inventories of those collections and
taxa.  Some projects may involve extensive use of existing collections and
known taxa.  Projects should result in production of electronically
accessible (via the Internet) specimen-based databases and other electronic
information products such as keys, identification systems, or taxon
databases and authority files.  These products should be designed to permit
the PI and/or other scientists to use the data in research and synthesis,
foster interactions with other disciplines, and benefit both formal and
informal science education.

For more information, consult the current BS&I Program Announcement at

REMINDER:  All proposals must be submitted electronically using NSF's
FastLane (see <https://www.fastlane.nsf.gov/>) by November 7.  The Cover
Sheet and signed Certification Page must be received by November 12.
Investigators who do not submit the Project Description electronically must
send 15 copies of this part of the proposal (and of any other appended items,
such as letters of support or collaboration) directly to the BS&I Program;
deadline for mail receipt of these components is November 7.

The Program Director for Biotic Surveys and Inventories is Dr. Joel W.
Martin who can be reached at <jmartin at nsf.gov> or Room 635, Division of
Environmental Biology, National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA  22230.

The FastLane Staff <fastlane at nsf.gov> is available for questions and
technical assistance form 8:00am to 5:30 pm ET Monday through Friday.

Joel W. Martin
Systematic and Population Biology / Biotic Surveys and Inventories
Division of Environmental Biology, Room 635
National Science Foundation
4201 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, VA  22230
Phone: 703-306-1480, ext. 6446
FAX:  703-306-0367
E-mail: jmartin at nsf.gov

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