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-An international Symposium-

November 8-11, 1998
Conference Center `De Leeuwenhorst', Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands

Marine bioprocess engineering is a relatively young and rapidly emerging
field of science. Research activities on marine bioprocess engineering have
particularly been stimulated by the recent discovery of many useful marine
natural products.
The aim of this conference is to evaluate the current progress on the
biotechnological exploitation of marine organisms. The conference will
focus on the bioprocess engineering aspects of marine metabolite

 Keynote lectures:
        *"The bioprocess-technological potential of the sea", by Dr Rita
                R. Colwell, Maryland, USA
        *"Marine Bioproducts Engineering: The Missing Link to
                Commercialization", by Dr Oskar R. Zaborsky, Hawaii, USA
        1. Marine natural products (invited speaker: Dr Murray H.G.
                Munro, Canterbury, New Zealand)
        2. Energy production with marine microorganisms (invited speaker:
                Dr Jun Miyake, Higashi, Japan)
        3. In vitro cultivation of marine organisms (invited speaker: Dr
                Baruch Rinkevich, Haifa, Israel)
        4. Design and scale-up of in vitro cultures (invited speaker: Dr
                Emilio Molina Grima, Almeria, Spain)
        5. Product recovery techniques (invited speaker: Dr John
                Krijgsman, Delft, The Netherlands)

Call for oral presentations
Abstracts for oral presentations are welcomed before January 31, 1998.
Abstracts can be sent, faxed or e-mailed to the secretariat of the
symposium. To obtain further information and for receiving the second
circular (with a call for poster presentations), you can also contact the

        Ronald Osinga
        Wageningen Agricultural University
        Food and Bioprocess Engineering Group
        P.O. Box 8129, 6700 EV  Wageningen
        The Netherlands
        fax: +31 317 482237
        e-mail: ronald.osinga at algemeen.pk.wau.nl
        internet: http:// www.spb.wau.nl/prock/marine.html

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