High-efficiency transformation of Chlamydomonas by electroporation

Kosuke Shimogawara kosuke at main.teikyo-u.ac.jp
Thu Apr 9 09:09:23 EST 1998

Dear Chlamy folk,

We have recently succeeded to establish high efficiency transformation of
Chlamydomonas by electroporation.  Briefly, we could succeeded to improve
the transformation efficiency by appling electoporation in two-order
magnitude than glassbead method by Karen Kindle (1990).  This work has just
published on the April issue of journal 'Genetics'.  (You could obtain the
copy of article through Internet from
http://www.genetics.org/content/vol148/issue4/pdf/GEN14841821.pdf)   We
believe that this would be widely used in various aspects in the future
chlamy molecular genetics and thus we eager your feedback whatever you
would experience when you will try this.  We're willing to transfer any of
your comments, suggestion, new application, and tips through


Kosuke Shimogawara
Teikyo University
kosuke at main.teikyo-u.ac.jp

p.s. We will have an oral presentation on this subject at the coming
international Chlamy meeting.  At this time, we will discuss several new
findings and application about this technique we found after we submit the

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