problem of algae sticking to glass

Marcel.Janssen at ALGEMEEN.PK.WAU.NL Marcel.Janssen at ALGEMEEN.PK.WAU.NL
Thu Apr 9 09:20:11 EST 1998

Dear Chlamy-netters,

currently I am cultivating Chlamydomonas and Chlorella species in turbidostat
operated reactors.

In these glass reactors I always have problems with these algae attaching on
the glass surface and forming thin biofilms. I do not want this and it is
very important for my measurements that the algae all are in suspension.

Does somebody know of a coating which can be put on glass to prevent this
sticking, without harming the algae in suspension?

Furthermore, does anybody know of more or less transparent tubing materials
onto which algae do not attach?

Thanks for your time,.
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