Sensitivity of Chlamydomonas

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Wed Apr 15 09:07:35 EST 1998

Rheing=FCtestation Worms, Regina und Ina

Chlamydomonans rheinhardii

we are working for the "Rheing=FCtestation Worms". Our topic is dynamic
biomonitoring of surface water. We are using the Dynamic Daphniatest
(Fa. Elektron with "dynsprung"-software) and the DF-Algaemonitor (Uni
Regensburg) with Chlamydomonas. This monitor uses delete fluorescence of
algae to detect pollution of the water. It is very difficult to get a
stable Chlamydomonas culture for a longer time. So we want to control
fitness and sensitivity of the Chlamys with a microscope.
Our questions:
Who has experiences with sensitivity of the algae in connection with
cultural fitness ?
Are there any optical or microscopical hints to evaluate sensitivity of
Chlamydomonas ?
Do you know how to consider the activity of Chlamydomonas ?

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