Mendel database now mirrored by AtDB, Stanford

David Flanders flanders at genome.stanford.edu
Tue Apr 28 09:24:00 EST 1998

The AtDB Project at Stanford University announces a new US mirror of the
Mendel Plant Gene Nomenclature Database.  The Mendel Database is the
produced under the auspices of Commission on Plant Gene Nomenclature of
the International Society for Plant Molecular Biology.

The Stanford Mirror site can be accessed with the URL:


Mendel is a database of designations for sequenced genes and families of
sequenced genes primarily in plants. The database will eventually contain
information relating to plant viral genes and organelle genes for all
organisms with the exception of the metazoa. The database's purpose is to
provide a common system of nomenclature for substantially similar genes.

The Mendel database is located at the John Innes Centre, Norwich, U.K.
Comments, suggestions, and/or requests for further information should be
sent to either:

Carl Price, Waksman Institute, Rutgers University, NJ 08855-0759, USA
E-mail : Price at ocelot.rutgers.edu


David Lonsdale, JIC, Colney, Norwich NR4 7UH, UK
E-mail: CPGN at bbsrc.ac.uk

Drs. Price and Lonsdale are, or have been, assisted in the Mendel project
by Ellen M. Reardon, Benedict Arnold, Benjamin Arnold, Virginia Barnard,
and Steve Beckstrom-Sternberg.

David Flanders
AtDB Curator

(Apologies for the cross-postings, but we're trying to reach plant
researchers beyond our usual users.)

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