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Michal Opas m.opas at utoronto.ca
Tue Feb 24 10:35:08 EST 1998

Dear Colleague,

We are delighted to announce that Calreticulin Workshop,
devoted to the structure and function of calreticulin and
related proteins, will take place on March 31 - April 2,
1998 in Banff, Alberta, Canada.  The Calreticulin Workshop
is a satellite meeting to the 8th Fisher Winternational
Symposium on Cellular and Molecular Biology which will be
held April 2-5, 1998, also at the Banff Conference Centre.
The Workshop will provide unique opportunity to meet and
interact with the scientists interested in calreticulin
research in spectacular surroundings of Banff National Park
in Canadian Rocky Mountains.  We are sure that the Banff
Calreticulin Workshop will be an important forum to share
the latest findings and to develop future interactions.
Calreticulin has been implicated to play a role in almost
every aspect of cell biology as outlined in a brief overview
below.  We hope that the Workshop will be useful to sort out
some of the latest discoveries and controversies concerning
calreticulin and implication of this protein in a variety of
biological systems.  On the behalf of the Organizing
Committee we would like to invite you to participate in the

Program of the 3rd Calreticulin Workshop

"Wine & cheese" reception: March 31, 1998 8:00-10:30 pm

Day 1   April 1

9:00-9:20       M.  Opas Foreword

ER Signalling
9:20-10:00      K. Mikoshiba    "Molecular Dynamics in Brain

Calcium                                 Chair: N.S. Allen

10:00-10:40     T. Pozzan       "Calreticulin as a
Ca2+-buffer in the ER: evidence from overexpression
10:40-11:20     KH. Krause      "Ligand-gated and
store-operated Ca2+ channels"

        11:20-11:40   Coffee Break

Calcium continued                       Chair: K.  Mikoshiba

12:00-12:40     P. Camacho      "Modulation of intracellular
Ca2+ release and uptake by Calreticulin, Calnexin and
Calmegin in Xenopus oocytes".

        12:40-13:40   Lunch Break

ER Chaperones                   Chair:  R. Sontheimer

13:40-14:20     J. Bergeron     "ER chaperones"
14:20-15:00     W. Nauseef      "Roles of calreticulin and
calnexin in ER 'quality control'"
15:00-15:40     D. Hebert       "Calreticulin and calnexin:
ER chaperone partners"

        15:40-16:00   Coffee Break

Disease                                 Chair:  K-H.  Krause

16:00-16:40     R. Sontheimer   Calreticulin Autoantibody
Detection Employing  a Ro Autoantigen-Binding Form of
Recombinant Human Calreticulin"
16:40-17:20     P. Eggleton     "Dual roles of calreticulin
in autoimmunity and innate immunity"
17:20-18:00     B. Ritchie      "Calreticulin in Blood
18:00-18:40     G. Needham      "Tick Calreticulin"

Day 2           April 2nd

Gene                            Chair: T.  Pozzan

09:00-09:40     R. Clark                "Mechanisms of
transcriptional regulation of calreticulin expression"
09:40-10:20     R. St.Arnaud    "Specific developmental
roles for calreticulin revealed by the knock-out mice"
10:20-11:00     D. Llewellyn    "Stress-induced calreticulin

        11:00-11:20   Coffee Break

Gene continued                  Chair: P.  Eggleton
11:20-12:00     Nakhashi        "Calreticulin and RNA
12:00-12:40     Allen/Wyatt/Tsou/Robertson
"Calreticulin: a
                          tool to alter cellular calcium in
plant cells"
12:40-13:20     Navazio/Mariani         "Calreticulin in
plant cells"

        13:20-14:20   Lunch Break

Trafficking                             Chair:  J.  Bergeron
14:20-15:00     Johnson         "Calreticulin in neuronal
15:00-15:40     Murphy-Ullrich  "Calreticulin as a mediator
of thrombospondin-stimulated focal adhesion disassembly"

        15:40-16:00   Coffee Break

Adhesion continued              Chair: R.  Clark
16:00-16:40     Dedhar  "Perturbation of integrin mediated
adhesion and Ca signalling in calreticulin-deficient cells.
16:40-17:20     Opas            "Modulation of cellular
adhesiveness by levels of expression of calreticulin"

17:20  Closing discussion >>>  Conclusion   M.  Michalak

The scientific sessions for the Workshop will take place on
Wednesday, April 1, 1998 from 9:00 AM - circa 7:00 PM.
Slide projector, overhead projector, black-board and VHS VCR
will be available for your presentations.
Each speaker will have ~40 minutes for presentation: please
make presentation short enough to leave ~10 minutes for
As you can see from the scientific program we are all
working in extremely diverse areas of the biological
sciences.  Therefore, please make sure you devote at least 5
minutes of your talk to introduce the biological system you
are studying.  There is no need to send abstracts for the
Bring one or more posters if you wish!  Posters shall be
displayed throughout the Workshop,  but we shall not formal
poster sessions.  In keeping with informal manner of the
Workshop we expect posters to be on display throughout the
duration of  the Workshop to provide ample opportunity to
discuss them at any time.

Schedule arrival date is on Tuesday, March 31, 1998.  Upon
arrival to the Banff Center please register for your
accommodation at the Front Office in the foyer of the first
floor of Donald Cameron Hall (Administration Building).
Check-in time for your room is 2:30 PM on your day of
arrival. Check-out time is 12:00 noon on your departure day.
 Your account may be paid in cash or by credit card (Visa,
American Express, Master Card, EnRoute).

There will be a reception ("wine & cheese") held for the
Workshop participants on Tuesday, March 31, 1998 from 8:00
PM - 10:30 PM.  Registration packets for the Workshop and
name tags will be available during the reception.

The Calreticulin Workshop is a satellite meeting to the 8th
Fisher Winternational Symposium on Cellular and Molecular
Biology entitled "Membrane Proteins in Health and Disease"
which will be held April 2-5, 1998, also at the Banff
Conference Centre.  Information about the meetings and
registration forms can be obtained by contacting:
       Dr. Carol E. Cass, Chair
       Winternational Symposium
       Department of Oncology
       University of Alberta
       Cross Cancer Institute
       Edmonton, Alberta  T6G 1Z2
       (403) 432-8320           phone
       (403) 432-8425           fax
       email:  sherron.becker at cancerboard.ab.ca

Bus service by Brewster Transportation is available directly
from Calgary International Airport to Banff at 12:30 PM,
3:00 PM and 6:00 PM.  The travel time is about 2 hours and
the current one way fare is  $28.00.  Upon request buses
will drop off passengers at the Banff Center.  Brewster
Transportation numbers are 403-762-6767 and 1-800-661-1152.

If you have any further questions or special requirements
please contact:

Marek Michalak at
(403) 492-2256          phone
(403) 492-0886          fax
E-mail:  marek.michalak at ualberta.ca


Michal Opas at:
(416) 978-8947          phone
(416) 978-3954  fax
E-mail: m.opas at utoronto.ca



Marek Michalak & Michal Opas

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