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Massimo Ciscato mciscato at luc.ac.be
Wed Mar 4 10:55:45 EST 1998

Dear friends,
cf at listserv.luc.ac.be is a new mailing-list about chlorophyll fluorescence,
held by the Laboratory of Botany of the Limburgs Universitair Centrum,
Diepenbeek, Belgium.
Scope of the list is to put in touch researchers working with chlorophyll
fluorescence, with the aim of sharing experiences, information, news etc.
The list is intended to be not only a place for initiated people, but also
a source of information and help for newcomers trying to find their way in
such a complex field of the plant physiology world.
Every aspect of chlorophyll fluorescence is of concern of the list, ranging
from basic research to in-the-field applications, to education.
To subscribe to the list it is sufficient to send an e-mail to
listserv at luc.ac.be with the command:
        subscribe cf
in the body of the message. To post a message to the list is sufficient to
send the message to cf at listserv.luc.ac.be
Detailed instruction on how to use the list-server (getting information,
unsubscribing, etc.) will be sent automatically  upon subscription or can
be asked for at any time by sending a message to listserv at luc.ac.be with
the command:
in the body of the message.
The list can also be easily accessed via the web at
For further information, do not esitate to contact me.

                                Massimo Ciscato

----------------Massimo Ciscato----------------
    L.U.C. Dept. SBG  Laboratory of Botany
Universitaire Campus  B-3590 Diepenbeek Belgium
    Tel. +32 11 268378  Fax. +32 11 268301

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