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Willem Brandenburg (+31) 317 476848 Willem Brandenburg (+31) 317 476848
Fri Mar 6 13:15:56 EST 1998

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At this moment, a PostDoc position is available for a Molecular Biologist /
Cell Biologist at the DLO-Centre for Plant Breeding and Reproduction Research
(CPRO-DLO) Dept. Cell Biology, Wageningen, the Netherlands.

The Dept. Cell Biology is a fast growing, dynamic research department with
multidisciplinary research projects carried out in expert teams. Its research
is focussing on genetic regulation and modification of metabolic pathways in
plants. Topics under study are biosynthesis of flavours and fragrances,
flavonoids, polysaccharides, amino acids and proteins.

The PostDoc to be appointed initiates molecular genetic research with regard to
a number of lower plants and will isolate genes related to the biosynthesis of
economic interesting metabolites. cDNA libraries will be made and analysed for
two organisms. Isolation of genes will be carried out with modern high
throughput screening techniques.  For plants concerned, new transformation
protocols will be developed or existing ones modified.
The research project concerned is ambituous where it concerns its objectives
and is on the crossroad of applied and more fundamental research.

Ph.D in molecular biology; experience in developing transformation protocols
and cell biological techniques in the field of lower plants. The scientist to
be appointed has to be highly motivated and flexible and has to function well
in a project team.

Ir. W.A. Brandenburg, head of sect. Economic Botany (tel. +31 317 476848) or
dr. A.J. van Tunen, head of Dept. (tel. +31 317 477058)

Salary and duration of appointment:
Salary max. Dfl. 7.258,== bruto per month (36hrs. / week); duration of
appointment 3 years.

Please reply within two weeks (before 20 March 1998) after publication of this
email by letter together with a curriculum vitae with reference to the job
nr. 98 CB 05 to:
Dept. Personnel and Organisation
Mrs. J.M. Peters
P.O. Box 16
6700AA Wageningen
The Netherlands

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