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Marcel.Janssen at ALGEMEEN.PK.WAU.NL Marcel.Janssen at ALGEMEEN.PK.WAU.NL
Fri Aug 6 09:48:32 EST 1999

Dear netters,

currently I am using Chlamydomonas reinhardtii CC 1690 wild type 21 gr mt+
from the Chlamydomonas Genetics Center. Does anybody have information about
the relationship between specific growth rate and temperature for this alga?
Curently I am working at 25 degrees Celsius, but I was wondering if the
optimum temperature for growth could be at a higher temperature.

Secondly, does anybody have similar information about the marina alga
Dunaliella tertiolecta Butcher CCAP 19/6B. I have some information about this
alga stating that the optimum temperature is 31-32 degrees Celsius. This does
seem a little bit strange to me because the alga was originally isolated in an
Norwegian fjord. Does anybody have an explanation for this behaviour?

Thank you for your time,


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