New WWW Virtual Library Biosciences Maintainers Sought

GF fenteany at zk.bwh.harvard.edu
Wed Aug 18 10:18:45 EST 1999

Hello.  I am posting to announce that the WWW Virtual Library (WWW VL),
the oldest directory on the Web, is looking for new maintainers for
sites in the biosciences.  To look at the list of present sites (and so
deduce what could be added), see <a
This is a great opportunity to convert a present site or set up a new
site as a WWW VL site, meaning instant traffic (from a top level index
and WWW VL search engine) and recognition of your expertise from people
in the field and Web surfers.  We are especially interested in sites in
the following areas:  biochemistry, biophysics, structural biology,
immunology, evolution, different model organisms like zebrafish, C.
elegans, Chlamydomonas and Arabidopsis, protists, parasitology, zoology
and protocols.  If you'd like to participate, just e-mail Gerard Manning
at <a href="mailto:ger at ceolas.org">ger at ceolas.org</a> or me.


Gabriel Fenteany
WWW VL: Cell Biology and Search Engine

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