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Sun Dec 5 05:52:04 EST 1999

A postion for a PhD student is available in the field of "Processing and
integration of extracellular signals in the green alga Chlamydomonas
The thesis will be funded by the DFG (tentative start:
February 2000). The research project will focus on the question how
extracellular signals of different quality and duration are percepted and
integrated within a unicellular eucaryote. The signals of choice are:
green light signals percepted by the phototaxis photoreceptor
chlamyrhodopsin, blue light signals percepted by the cry1 homolog
receptor CPH1; a contact with the opposite mating partner, and finally,
rapid changes of extracellular pH and Ca2+, which leads to flagella
The main focuss of the work will be to study photocurrents and local
intracellular Ca2+ and pH changes by using electrophysiology and
fluorescence imaging. Several mutants with known molecular defects are

The successful candidate is trained in biology and/or biochemistry and
has a strong interest in a biophysical characterisation of the wildly
used plant model organism.
Experience with electrophysiological methods would be a plus.

Please send your application (CV, names and addresses of two references)
to this contact address:

Prof. Peter Hegemann
Institut fuer Biochemie
93040 Regensburg
Tel: ++49 941 943 2814
FAX: ++49 941 943 2936

E-Mail: Peter.Hegemann at biologie.uni-regensburg.de


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