Paul Lefebvre pete at biosci.cbs.umn.edu
Sun Jan 10 11:04:50 EST 1999

To the Chlamydomonas community

        In preparation for the revised genome grant application to NSF, we
are preparing a table of all of the results people have obtained using the
BAC library available from Genome Systems.  Specifically we would like to
know the following:  what probe did you use, how many positive clones did
you obtain, did you confirm the positive clones by Southern blot, and if
so how many false positives did you have?  If you sized the clones, what
was the range of sizes?  If you made the clones into a contig, how big is
it?  In our experience, covering ten screenings we have averaged about 8
positives, usually 1 or 2 false positives, and the the sizes range from
about 25 as the smallest to 150 kb as the largest.  Each screening has
produced at least one clone as large as 115 kb.

Please send this information to Pete Lefebvre by e-mail as soon as
possible (pete at biosci.cbs.umn.edu) or by fax (651) 625-5754 or phone (612)
624-4706.  To meet the grant deadline we need to complete this table
within ten days.

ALL information will be held in complete confidence.

Thanks for your help.

Pete Lefebvre
Carolyn Silflow

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