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I was asked to distribute the following position announcment for a =
full-time permanent plant physiologist (algal/microbial) within the =
Agricultural Research Service, USDA.

Dave Millie

Plant Physiologist (Announcement #ARS-X9S-9091) USDA/ARS, New Orleans, =
Louisiana.  This position opened on December 21,1998, and is in the =
Commodity Utilization Research Unit at the Southern Regional Research =
Center, New Orleans, LA.  The Commodity Utilization Unit's research is =
directed to designing and developing innovative, cost-effective and =
environmentally friendly technologies that produce value-added products =
of enhanced quality from agricultural crops.  This position is for a =
research physiologist to conduct fundamental and applied research to =
determine the possible role agricultural nutrients, especially =
phosphorus, have in the stimulation of outbreaks of toxic algal and =
dinoflagellate blooms in watershed and coastal environments.  Will need =
to collaborate with other researchers on related research in =
understanding the causes for changes in the life cycle stages of =
microorganisms linked to fish kills in nutrient rich waters. Will work =
with a group that is developing enzyme technology for use in animal feed =
to convert phytic acid, found in soybean and other seed meals, into =
compounds that monogastric animals can easily digest. To view the =
requirements to evaluate applicant qualifications and to determine if =
applicants meet legal requirements for federal employment, see our Web =
site at http://www.ars.usda. gov/afm/hrd/resjobs/X9S-9091.HTM.  For =
application forms, contact Ron Beck, Administrative Officer, =
USDA/ARS/MSA, Southern Regional Research Center, 1100 Robert E. Lee =
Blvd., New Orleans, LA 70179-9687; telephone 504-286-4310. Applications =
should be submitted to Kathy Asmussen, USDA/ARS/HRD, 5601 Sunnyside =
Avenue,  Beltsville, MD 20705-5105; telephone 301-504-1520.  The closing =
date is February 1,1999 and the salary is between $39,960 and $62,260. =
The U.S. Department of Agriculture is an equal opportunity provider and =

 Dave Millie
 P. O. Box 19687
New Orleans, LA  70179
 Ph : 504-286-4457  Facsimile: 504-286-4419
E-mail: dmillie at nola.srrc.usda.gov

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