FW: Biocomplexity: Phase I Announcement

Kindle, Karen L kkindle at nsf.gov
Fri Jan 22 09:11:43 EST 1999

>               Subject:        Biocomplexity: Phase I  Announcement
>                       Dear Chlamy community,
>                       NSF has just announced a new program for support of
> research related to "Biocomplexity", an area of particular interest to our
> director, Dr. Rita Colwell.   The title of the announcement is "Research
> on the Functional Interrelationships Between Microorganisms and
> Biological, Chemical, Geological, Physical and Social Systems".
> Microorganisms are defined here as prokaryotes (archaea and eubacteria)
> and unicellular eukaryotes (algae, protozoa and fungi).
>                       Evaluation and funding is being coordinated among a
> number of NSF directorates:  Biological Sciences, Computer and Information
> Science and Engineering, Engineering, Geosciences, Mathematical and
> Physical Sciences, Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences, and the
> Office of Polar Programs.
>                       The deadline for pre-proposals is March 15, 1999,
> and the deadline for full proposals is June 15, 1999.  To get the full
> announcement and a list of program officers who can answer questions about
> the competition check out the website:
> http://www.nsf.gov/cgi-bin/getpub?nsf9960   The publication number is NSF
> 99-60.  This activity is designed to complement the Microbial
> Observatories, Life in Extreme Environments, Integrated Research
> Challenges in Environmental Biology, and Environmental Geochemistry and
> Biogeochemistry activities.  Duplicate proposals cannot be sent to more
> than one NSF competition for simultaneous review, so you might want to
> look at this announcement before applying to one of the other programs
> this year.  It is possible to submit a proposal to this new program and to
> another Federal agency this year.
>                       Even if you are not planning to apply to this
> program, you probably know someone to whom this message could be of
> benefit.  Please pass it on.   I don't know any more about the program
> than what is described in the announcement, so if you have any more
> questions please direct them to the program officers listed in the
> announcement.
>                       Regards,
                                Karen L. Kindle, Ph.D.
                                Program Director, Biochemistry of Gene
                                Phone (703) 306-1441
                                FAX (703) 306-0355
>                       NSF homepage:  http://www.nsf.gov

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