NEW BOOK BY KLUWER (ed. J.Seckbach)

Professor Joseph Seckbach seckbach at cc.huji.ac.il
Wed Mar 10 10:01:41 EST 1999

Dear Friends,
Just for your information, I am very proud to announce the
coming out of our new volume (1999) and would like you to
share with me the celebration.
Have a nice weekend.

Enclosed, please find all requested information about the new book;

Enigmatic Microorganisms and Life in Extreme Environments  edited by J. Seckbach
volume 1 of:

This volume covers the fields of origin, evolution and phylogenesis from
prokaryotic to eukaryotic cells. The eminent authors, experts in their
fields, review the three kingdoms of life (Archaea, Eubacteria and Eukarya)
from molecular evolutionary levels to ecological aspects in enigmatic
habitats, including general reviews of puzzling pro–and eukaryotic
organisms and their domains. We discuss dry habitats, thermophilic (cells
in hot springs and undersea thermal vents up to 110°C), psychrophilic
(cryophiles) and halophilic (high salt concentrations) niches which among
the harshest conditions found on Earth where microbial life is frequently
detected. Some chapters deal with the organisms which grow in extreme pH
conditions (acidity vs. alkalinity), and under hydrostatic pressure in the
deep sea, and microbial growth on petroleum. Other contributors present
their research on aerobiology and microbes growing in various gases and
various levels of radiation, including cellular morphological modification
in these extremophilic microbes. This volume also includes the symbiotic
association between two or more organisms on the endocellular and
exocellular levels. Finally one paper identifies the extremophiles as
candidates for exobiology. This is a valuable comprehensive volume in
English that covers most of the extremophiles in a new light with current
research data.  Audience: Students, lecturers and researchers; scholars in
the fields of  biology, evolutionary biology and chemistry, and other
evolutionary fields, and the intelligent layman.

I. In the Beginning: Origin and Evolution of the First Cells.
II. Enigmatic Microorganisms.
III. The Versatile Extension of Life.
IV. Microorganisms Extreme Environments.
V. Effect of Substances, Gases and Irradiation.
VI. Living Together: Symbiosis.
VI General

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Kluwer Academic Publishers
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E-mail:  orderdept at wkap.nl

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