Chlamy cultuture in darkness

Dr. David J. Thomas davidt at uidaho.edu
Wed Mar 17 18:11:25 EST 1999


My knowledge of Chlamy techniques is fairly limited, but I've done a little.
Have you tried growing the cultures in flasks on a shaker table with 10 mM
sucrose added to the TAP medium?



> I am going to isolate mitochondrial mutants and revertants of Chlamydomonas
> reinhardtii. We have to bring them up in darkness to select mitochondrial
> revertant clone from deffecient clone because they can grow without
> functional mitochonria in light condition. The problem is, in darkness,
> Chlamydomonas reinhardtii CW15 take 4 weeks to grow up as colonies on
> agarose plates of TAP medium. It would be very appreciated if someone could
> tell me a method/medium to grow them faster in the darkness.
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