postdoctoral opening

Brigitte Meunier b.meunier at ucl.ac.uk
Thu Mar 25 10:27:18 EST 1999

Three year postdoctoral position at University College London, Department
of Biology.

Biogenesis of cytochrome oxidase: Characterisation of deficiency mutations
and suppressors affecting cytochrome oxidase assembly

The synthesis of cytochrome oxidase requires both mitochondrial gene
products (three constituent subunits), and nuclear gene products (accessory
factors which work at different stage of the biogenesis pathway, and 8-10
structural subunits).  In this work, we propose to study the assembly of
cytochrome oxidase in yeast: We will characterise mutations in the
mitochondrial subunits I, II and III, which affect the enzyme assembly and
mitochondrial and nuclear suppressors which compensate the defect. This
approach will define regions of the mitochondrial subunits which play an
essential role in enzyme assembly and identify nuclear gene products (and
their human homologues), probably chaperone-like factors, involved the
enzyme biogenesis.

Please contact Dr Brigitte Meunier  b.meunier at ucl.ac.uk

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