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This appears to be real.  Here's a website where you can find it:

It has come to our attention that vandalism of science areas related to
genetic engineering is being planned across Canada and the US on the night
of October 27. This has been authenticated. Due to the proposed vandalism,
please forward this message to those at risk.  If you forward this message
outside your organization please be considerate and protect the identity of
your fellow recipients (in this light I will now only send messages to this
group via Bcc).

OCTOBER 13, 1999


---Please forward to all relevant lists ----

Harvest Time 1999

Greetings fellow nightime gardeners, activists, supoporters and of
Our opposition, the "life sciences" industry:
!Ya Basta! Let our resistance be as transnational as their capital!

Resistance to genetic engineering in the form of crop actions have
rapidly in the last two months. From the California Croppers, Lodi
Loppers, Cropatistas and ourselves in California to the Bolt Weevils in
MN to the Seeds of Resistance and our unnamed friends in Maine and VT
the call to action has been answered. Finally, we are at a point where
the life science" industry is taking notice.

They are implementing their public relations carefully seeking to have
dialogue with Greenpeace and other mainstream groups. They are lying
through their teeth about the nature of the crops being detroyed. Now it
is the time to rally make our impact felt.

There has been a "National Day of Action": called by above ground groups
the Day of October 27. We are making a call to action for all gardeners
make your prescence felt. Prior to this point our actions have been

Let us take action the night of the 27 (or early morning of the 26th)
Hit them when they are weak.

There is one thing that corporations always understand and that is the
Bottom line. Destroy their crops, equipment, buildings, vehicles and
they get the point. All of a sudden "venture capatlist" scum realize
that biotechnology
Is not such a great investment and they flee with their bags of cash
with them.

As we have stated before, everything is up for grabs. Our view is that
corporations, governemnts and Universities have any relationship to
biotechnology, they are targets. No longer are those hybrids grown for
genetic fooder safe. Our first choice should be genetically engineered
with active APHIS field permits. Secondarily would be targeting
departments or researchers that receive corporate biotech money (i.e.
our action at Berkeley where we tore up crops grown by the Novartis

We want to stress that you do your research carefully and hit them where
are weakest and where your impact will be most felt i.e research
corporate headquarters.

Time is running out. It's harvest time.

If not us, who? If not now, when?

long live the seed
Johnny Appleseed

"If you care about wildlife and think the natural world is fine without
mutant genes, you should resist genetic engineering.

If you care about social justice and don't want to poison farm workers
pesticides and herbicides, you should resist genetic engineering.

If you care about biological and cultural diversity as opposed to a
corporate monoculture, you should resist genetic engineering.

If you care about laboratory animals and don't want researchers creating
Hybrid genetic monsters, you should resist genetic engineering.

If you eat food, you should resist genetic engineering.

If not you, then who? If not now, when?

Resistance to genetic engineering is as transnational as capital."

-Johnna Appleseed for Reclaim the Seeds.

Elizabeth Harris
chlamy at acpub.duke.edu

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