Chlamy Conference 2002

Elizabeth Harris chlamy at acpub.duke.edu
Fri Dec 15 16:10:25 EST 2000

Just a reminder about the next Chlamydomonas Conference:

        The Tenth International Conference on the Cell & Molecular Biology
of Chlamydomonas will be held at the UBC Conference Center on the Campus of
the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada on June 11-16, 2002.
Lynne Quarmby is coordinator for this meeting.

        A satellite (hands-on) meeting on "Chlamydomonas: Experimental
Techniques" will be held at Simon Fraser University (also located in
Vancouver) on June 10. If you are interested in participating in this
satellite gathering, please email Lynne Quarmby with techniques that you
would like to learn or teach. Susan Dutcher, Pete Lefebvre, and Lib Harris
will be there to share their expertise in tetrad dissection, genetic
analysis and physical mapping.

         Updates on both Chlamy 2002 and the Satellite meeting will be
posted on the web site:


Lynne M. Quarmby, Ph.D.
Department of Biological Sciences
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, B.C., Canada V5A 1S6


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