Sandy L. Berry-Lowe slblowe at brain.uccs.edu
Thu Jan 6 12:56:00 EST 2000

I have some questions for any Chlamy transformation experts.

I had my undergraduate plant phys class do a chlamy tranformation
using the nit-1-305 strains and pMN24 plasmid, according to
Carol Reiss' plant phys book. It worked very well and I plan
on doing it again.

I would now like to put in a gene that I have been working with.
Can I clone it onto the pMN24 plasmid and use the nitrogen
selection? (I do think this particular gene could be a problem
for chlamy.)I would like any suggestions and ideas that anyone

Sandy Berry-Lowe
University of Colorado
Colorado Springs, CO, USA
slblowe at mail.uccs.edu


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