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Thu Jun 15 15:21:34 EST 2000

Dear Photobiologists, dear Chlamy-friends,

The DFG funded a new Graduate college to be established here in

The intension is to get students and researchers from different
countries and fields together in order to raise the knowledge about
important light sensors faster than it could be done by individual
small research teams.

This will be also a special opportunity to learn about light sensors in
Chlamydomonas and other green algae.

Best regards,


The text of the announcement is seen below:

University of Regensburg
   PhD and Postdoctoral

The Graduate College:

"Sensory photoreceptors in natural and artificial systems"

is an internationally oriented enterprise for cooperative research and
post graduate education, that brings together activities from biology,
chemistry, medicine and physics. Students with academic education
(Master or Diploma) in one of these fields or young postdocs, who would
like to join this cross-disciplinary project, are invited to apply.
Proficiency of the German language is not required. The Graduate College
is funded by the Deutsche Forschungs-gemeinschaft (DFG) and is planned
to start October 2000.
Applications with c.v., documents of qualification and at least one
academic reference should be sent to Prof. Dr. P. Hegemann;
NWFIII-Biologie, Postfach 397, Universit=E4tstra=DFe 31, 93040 Regensburg,
Tel.: +49-941/943-2814, Fax: +49-941/943-4984,
Peter.Hegemann at -biologie.uni-regensburg.de. For further information see


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