Welcome to Biohydrogen 2002!

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Welcome to Biohydrogen 2002!

April 21-24, 2002, in Ede, The Netherlands

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Objectives of the conference

Hydrogen production by microorganisms has been an active field of basic and
applied research for many years. Realisation of practical processes for
biological hydrogen production would result in a major, novel source of
sustainable and renewable energy, without greenhouse gas emissions and
environmental pollution.

The aims of Biohydrogen 2002 are to summarise the state-of-the-art of
biological hydrogen production, evaluate current progress on early-stage
applied science in this area of research and development, and to identify
promising research directions for the future. Biohydrogen 2002 coincides
with the end of the first 3 years of Annex 15 of the IEA Hydrogen Agreement
which will be extended for another two years.

Marcel Janssen and Hedy Wessels
'Secretariat Biohydrogen 2002'
Food and Bioprocess Engineering Group
Dept. of Agrotechnology and Food Sciences
Wageningen University
P.O. Box 8129
6700 EV Wageningen
The Netherlands

tel +31 317 82954 (Hedy) or +31 317 483396 (Marcel)
fax +31 317 482237

E-mail: Biohydrogen.2002 at algemeen.pk.wau.nl


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