Surfaces resisting the adsorption of cells

Douglas Benjamin Weibel weibel at fas.harvard.edu
Mon Dec 16 15:45:35 EST 2002


We are working on a bioengineering project with Chlamydomonas and are 
experiencing problems with cells irreversibly adsorbing to glass surfaces (both 
native and oxidized).  Preliminary experiments suggest that hydrophobic 
polymers such as poly(dimethylsiloxane) might be useful in resisting the 
adsorption of cells - however before going to lengths to investigate 
appropriate surface chemistries - it seems prudent to contact the newsgroup and 
inquire if anyone is aware of commonly used tricks for treating glass slides 
(silylation for example).  In our application, the material must be optically 
transparent for the sake of microscopy.

Any information would be very much appreciated.

Doug Weibel


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