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I'm currently preparing a ecological skilled work for my high school
biology course. In the practical part, i plan to conduct an experiment
in which algae are to absorbe the most possible of the CO2 of the
exhaust gases of a standard household oil or gas heating facility, to
release oxygen and to build bio matter to be used intelligently in
practical ways.

I'm afraid that different toxic gases of the exhaust stream that might
dissolve in the water bowl as well (in which the algae reside), could
disturb the photosynthese process, harm or even kill the algae.

I do not actually know much about algae, their sensitivites to certain
chemical compounds, their possible ways of practical utilisation
(tissue/versatile material, fertiliser, combustible or even
nutritional supplement)  and under wich conditions they live and
perform optimally.

=46or my choice of the most suitable species of alga (i read a lot about
Chlamydomonas reinhardtii being very adaptiv and widely spread in
research) and for the experiment itself, I need a database or some way
to compare parameters such as the CO2 absorbtion rate, optimal
CO2/O2/salt/sugar/etc concentration, the optimal water temperature,
the light intensity, the light source / composition (sun /what kind of
artificial light), the quality of the surrounding air and probably
much other specific information i=A5m going to miss.
Where best do i get that kind of information?
Is there a public online reference?
Is there a chance i find a real person, sort of a mentor, a student or
a teacher who would agree to volunteerly answer that kind of questions
or help me find the answer? Where?
I already tried on the local university, but no faculty seems to fit
my subject or is not interested in helping me.

My teacher just told me another time to rather search for a theme that
is less tricky in the practical fulfillment (that one was the third i
suggested). But that is exactly what i'm interested in and perfectly
corresponding to my job wishes / plans.

Any help would be very appreciated,

best greatings, and thanks in advance, Ingvar Bogdahn


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