BAC ends

Paul A. Lefebvre pete at tc.umn.edu
Fri Mar 1 14:58:13 EST 2002

The Chlamydomonas BAC end sequences are done, and are now available 
on a web site at JGI.   Sequences are available for download or blast 
searching at:


This is still fairly raw. The JGI is working on adding functionality to
the site (for example, allowing you to search by well number, and by
tblastn). For now, what you can do is either download all 30,000 
sequences or search by blastn with nucleotide sequence.  One nice 
thing they do provide is that if you get a hit, you get the sequence 
of the other end of the BAC clone, enabling you to find closely 
spaced molecular probes easily.

The blast utility is at



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