abstracts for Chlamy meeting

Elizabeth Harris chlamy at duke.edu
Fri Mar 15 11:00:18 EST 2002

Today is the final day to submit abstracts to be included in the 
printed booklet and to be considered for platform presentation at the 
Chlamydomonas meeting in June.

However, late abstracts may be submitted up until June 1. These 
abstracts will not be included in the program booklet, but they will 
be photocopied and handed out with the booklet at the meeting. They 
will also be incorporated into the on-line collection of abstracts, 
and poster board space will be made available for all submissions. So 
write up those hot new results! We want to hear all about it.

If you have already submitted an abstract, please check the list on 
the following web page to verify that we received it:


Names of presenting authors are given on this page.  If your name 
does not appear, please contact Elizabeth Harris at

mailto:chlamy at duke.edu

We're looking forward to seeing you at the meeting.

Lynne Quarmby and Elizabeth Harris

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Resource Center for Chlamy genome project:

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