Algal Molecular Genetics Postdoctoral Position available at ORNL

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Mon Aug 11 17:20:38 EST 2003

Dear Friends,

Our Photobiological Hydrogen R&D project now has a postdoctoral research 
associate position available for Algal Molecular Genetics.  The initial 
salary of this position is around $30,000--$35,000/year depending on the 
quality (the skills, training, and experience) of the candidate.  The goal 
of our project is to create a "designer alga" through molecular genetics 
for efficient and robust production of H2---a clean energy resource of 
tomorrow---by photosynthetic water splitting.  The following is an 
advertisement for the postdoctoral position.  It has now been posted in 
Science magazine and Science-Career website:

Please pass this info around for anyone who may have an interest to apply 
for this postdoctoral position.


James Weifu Lee

Postdoctoral Research Associate Position on Algal Molecular Genetics

A Postdoctoral Research Associate Position is now available to perform 
studies on algal molecular genetics at the U.S. Department of Energy's Oak 
Ridge National Laboratory.  Applications are sought from highly motivated 
individuals with a strong background in molecular biology.  Qualified 
candidates must have skills in gene transformation and molecular genetic 
studies.  Experience in algal (such as Chlamydomonas reinhardtti) molecular 
genetics is a plus.  To apply, please send curriculum vitae, a brief 
description of research interest, and contact information for three 
references to: Dr. James W. Lee, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Chemical 
Sciences Division, 4500N, A16, MS-6194, Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6194.  E-mail: 
Leejw at

This postdoctoral position has now been posted in Science magazine and 
Science-Career website:

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