Sequences for Chlamydomonas Oligo-array

Stephan Eberhard s.eberhard at free.fr
Tue Aug 17 17:31:51 EST 2004

Dear Chlamy Fellows,

I am working in Arthur Grossman's lab on the generation of the new Chlamydoonas
whole genome oligo-array. We are pretty close to having the sequences ready to
order the oligos.

It appears that some genes of interest are not yet listed on the NCBI GeneBank
(not published) and have no asociated EST data (ie "EST", "monica" or "newACEG"
tracks on the JGI Chlamydomonas website). The "PHOX" gene is one good example.

If you have any cDNA sequence of interest

- That is not yet on NCBI GeneBank,

- That doesn't appear on the JGI website as having asocciated ACEG data.

Please send these sequences to me at s.eberhard at free.fr, so we can include them
in the genartion of the oligos. Please send cDNA sequences, WITHOUT introns.

If you have a doubt (but please check first on NCBI and JGI) send them anyway
and I will cross-check them with the pool of sequences we are using for the
oligo design.

We plan on handing in the sequences in a couple of weeks (at best) so a soon
response would be highly appreciate.

Lastly, for my email program not to sort your mail out as "junk" mail (if you
are not in my adress book) please use the subject line : "sequence for chlamy


Stephan Eberhard, Ph.D
Grossman Laboratory
Carnegie Institution of Washington
Department of Plant Biology
260 Panama Street
Stanford, CA 94305
United States of America
Tel. : (650) 325 1521 x 284

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