Microarray spot identification

Jamers An An.Jamers at ua.ac.be
Fri Jul 23 10:47:33 EST 2004

Dear All
I've purchased some of the commercially available microarrays and I've carried out a few trial experiments.  I've found some differentially expressed genes, and when I analyze the results (GenePix Software), I get the name of the gene in question the way it is presented in the .gal file.  However, I do not know where to find the name and/or the function of the gene.  For example, I've found an overexpression of the gene corresponding to the spot named 'JSOV:2:CO5' and with ID '1031080D10'.
Does anyone have any experience working with these microarrays and knows what these names and IDs correlate to?
Thanks in advance
An Jamers
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