Chlamys and undergraduate research

Mike Adams adams at easternct.edu
Thu May 27 13:10:07 EST 2004

Some of you may have been aware of 'Research Link', an NSF-sponsored 
program designed to bring research labs and undergraduate teaching and 
research together. The project specifically searched for organisms that 
had been underutilized, and Chlamy was one of the ten chosen for 
support. This lead, among other things, to the creation of the Teaching 
Site. Funding for the project expired a couple of years ago and we are 
now hoping to reestablish the program. As a part of the proposal we are 
hoping to identify labs that use Chlamy as a research organism and who 
are willing to act as consultants and as 'trial labs'. The latter would 
identify faculty who would be willing to have an undergraduate work in 
their lab for several weeks, funding to be provided by the project.

If this sounds like you, please let me know that you are willing to at 
least discuss this further.

Mike Adams
Biology Dept
Willimantic, CT 06226

If a stone falls on an egg,
Alas for the egg.
If an egg falls on a stone,
Alas for the egg.
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