Fwd: [Chlamydomonas] PCR from Chlamy minipreps

Elena Govorunova egovoru at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 19 03:06:08 EST 2005

I am replying to the list, because this question is of
general interest. I had very satisfactory experience with
DNA extraction from Chlamy with Trizol reagent, following
the original instructions from the manufacturer. This
procedure was fast enough for PCR screening of tens of
transformant clones, but you may need something more
streamlined if you have thousands of them.  

Best regards, 

Elena Govorunova
Biology Department
Moscow State University
119992 Moscow

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> >  > I´m  Inmaculada Couso from Huelva (Spain). I´m
> working on my Ph.D. at the
> >>  University and I have had some problems with quick
> DNA extractions for PCR
> >>  in Chlamydomonas.
> >>  I wonder if  you could tell me something about your
> minipreps for DNA from
> >>  Chlamydomonas cultures and if I could use it for PCR,
> because I have seen
> >>  it on Chlamydomonas webpage and I´m very interested
> in using it.
> >>  Thanks!!
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> Elizabeth H. Harris
> Chlamydomonas Center
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