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Wed May 17 06:44:20 EST 2006

From Jean-David Rochaix:

EMBO Practical Course on Molecular Genetics of Chlamydomonas

September 18- 29, 2005

University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland

Course Teachers

Heriberto Cerutti, USA
Yves Choquet,  France
Giovanni Finazzi, France
Jacqueline Girard-Bascou, France
Michel Goldschmidt-Clermont, Switzerland
Arthur Grossman,  USA
Peter Hegemann,  Germany
Sabeeha Merchant, USA
Fabrice Rappaport,  France
Jean-David Rochaix, Switzerland
Norbert Rolland,  France
Olivier Vallon, France
George Witman, USA
Francis-André Wollman, France


Genetic analysis of Chlamydomonas
Biogenesis of photosynthetic apparatus
In vivo spectroscopic analysis of photosynthesis
Genomics and nutrient stress
Metal stress
Photomovement response
Flagellar assembly and function
Proteomics of membrane proteins
Antisense and RNAi in Chlamydomonas

Course is limited to 20 participants
Acceptance is based on the biography of the 
applicant and his/her current projects. Two 
letters of reference (one from the current 
supervisor) are required.

Application deadline July 15, 2006


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