[Chlamydomonas] algae growth rate

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Wed Nov 1 16:46:24 EST 2006


   I'm a grad student with a physics backgro= und working on a dynamic
   model of a waste stabilization pond that is used t= o reduce the BOD
   of biodiesel wash water and grow algae for use as a biodie= sel
   feedstock.  I'm trying to learn a vast amount of biology and am in   the process of tracking down parameters.  Would you know where to loo   k for the following constants/rates:

   reaction rate of oxidation for algae respiration

   rate constant for algae respiration

   maximum growth rates for algae, aerobic bacteria, and anae= robic

   also, do you know how much oxygen is produced per amount of
   algae/bacter= ia/an. bacteria?

   Thank you for any help,



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