[Chlamydomonas] Elizabeth Harris' Chlamydomonas, The SourceBook

Govindjee via chlamy%40net.bio.net (by gov from uiuc.edu)
Sat Oct 14 10:22:38 EST 2006

Dear Elizabeth and others working on Chlamydomonas:

Dr. Manfredo Seufferheld (311 a ERML, University of Illinois, MC-051,
Urbana,IL 61801, USA) and I are  interested in knowing if "Harris (1989)
Chlamydomonas Source Book" is available on line anywhere. If not, can
someone donate a copy to Dr. Seuffferheld for use in his laboratory? Can
anyone sell a copy to him, for a reasonable price, if not available as a
free copy?

Please write to :seufferh from uiuc.edu with a CC to gov from uiuc.edu.
Thank you,

PS: If and when a paper is written in the future, appropriate "thanks"
will be added.

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