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A Special Issue of GENETICS devoted to the Chlamydomonas genome

I am pleased to announce that Genetics, the journal of the Genetics Society 
of America, has agreed to publish a Special Issue devoted to the analysis 
of the Chlamydomonas nuclear genome. All papers will present genome-based 
research that brings novel and important insight on the biology of the 
organism and/or the evolution of a biological function. We will consider 
two types of papers: Analyses will provide an in-depth study of a group of 
proteins/genes that is of special interest in Chlamydomonas. More than 
simply summarizing the existing genome annotation, they should truly expand 
our knowledge of the workings of the Chlamydomonas cell and place it in a 
general biological context. We also strongly encourage submission of 
Reports, papers that include experimental work aimed at verifying and 
expanding genome-based knowledge.

On this occasion, I will serve as associate editor and main contact point 
between the community and the journal. Susan Dutcher will also serve as 
associate editor, and possibly also other prominent members of the 
community. Because of the necessity to group the publication of the papers 
within a single issue, we will follow a very strict timeline. Papers must 
be sent before November 30, 2007. The review process should be completed 
before the end of December, for a publication early in 2008. All papers 
will be duly reviewed, using the usual (high) standards of Genetics: 
submission for a special issue does not guarantee acceptance. Concision 
will be a must, and bulky data will be published as online supplemental 
material. We would like this Special Issue to present a thought-provoking 
view of the many interesting findings that the genome sequence has allowed, 
and to help position Chlamydomonas as a continuing premier model organism 
in all areas of cell biology.

Authors interested should contact me at 
<mailto:ovallon from ibpc.fr>ovallon from ibpc.fr. If interested in submitting an 
Analysis, please send a brief synopsis of content, which will help us 
estimate appropriateness and avoid unnecessary overlap between 
contributions. We encourage multi-author contributions whenever it can help 
grasp the bigger picture. Please visit 
for details on manuscript format.

Feel free to distribute this announcement widely.

With my best regards

Olivier Vallon
Institut de Biologie Physico-Chimique
13 rue Pierre et Marie Curie
75005 Paris
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