[Chlamydomonas] C.r. total RNA profile

Elizabeth Harris via chlamy%40net.bio.net (by chlamy from duke.edu)
Tue Mar 6 16:54:18 EST 2007

From: mark.j.schneider from dartmouth.edu:

Good morning,

	Who can point me in the right direction to learning the 
ribosomal RNA pattern?.
This is critical to me, because I plan to make Poly A+ mRNA and then a cDNA
library from my current preparation.  I see a series of discrete bands ranging
from about 1.4kb down to well below 0.5kb, using a DNA kb ladder as a weight
standard.  This certainly does not resemble the 28 and 18S ribosomal 
pattern you
see in vertebrates.

Thanks for your help,

Mark Schneider

Elizabeth H. Harris

Chlamydomonas Center

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