[Chlamydomonas] growing and mating Chlamy in 96-well plates

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Tue Oct 13 11:05:47 EST 2009

Dear Chlamy community
I'm trying to grow and mate Chlamy in 96-well plates. I'd be curious to 
hear from other people who have experience in this area.

My personnal experience with flat bottom plates is that the cells tend 
to form a ring at the bottom, and I don't think it's good if you want to 
reach decent cell densities or see your cells survive for a decent 
period of time. Has anyone compared round-bottom or V-shaped plates ?
Any feelings about plastic ? Polystyrene, vs. polyethylene, vs. special 
plastics (e.g. Nunc Microwell low-binding) ? I'd be tempted to go for a 
low-binding plastic, because Chlamy likes to swim around, but do the 
cheaper plates work ?
Is agitation possible at all in these small wells ? How do you control 
evaporation, especially of the outermost wells ?
What about large-volume wells ? I tried 1.3 ml and 2 ml Deepwell plates, 
but the cell density remained low so I never gained much in terms of 
yield. The surface/volume ratio becomes terrible, and the opaque plastic 
reduces light access. The cells tends to fall to the bottom. Has anyone 
had more success ?
And mating ? There are quite a few labs out there who do matings in 
96-well format, but I'm not sure what type of plate they use, and how 
they place the cells in gametogenesis conditions. Does diluting from TAP 
into water or N-free medium works ? Has anyone succeeded in storing the 
zygotes in the wells ? I myself have used cat litter, but its handling 
becomes quite messy in a microtiter plate format. Do glass beads work ?

Thanks for your answers, and other thoughts on this not-so-trivial subject

Olivier Vallon

Olivier VALLON
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