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It also depends on the purpose for replica plating. I have used 96 well plates for stock plates for years. I use a multichannel pipettor to fill the wells with whatever media you choose and a 96 pin applicator or an 8channel pipettor to transfer samples from an 'old' plate to a fresh one.

If you just need to transfer a small amount (dot blot/ lysing for enzymatic assay etc) this may also work, but Whatman paper is probably better. I know for certain that it cuts down stock maintenance time
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Date: Tue, 1 Sep 2009 18:02:12 -0400
From: Frej Tulin <frej.tulin from gmail.com>
Subject: [Chlamydomonas] replica plating
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Dear all
Does anyone have a good method for replica plating Chlamydomonas plates? I
am currently using the standard budding yeast method with a velveteen. I
find that the colonies tend to 'smear out', which makes it difficult to
distinguish individual colonies, especially when the plate has a lot of

Is there a filter paper or another material that gives better result?
Many thanks!


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From: Elizabeth Harris <chlamy from duke.edu>
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>Does anyone have a good method for replica plating Chlamydomonas plates?

Whatman #1 filter paper works much better for Chlamy than velveteen.
There's a detailed description of how to go about it, including
photographs, in the first edition (1989) of The Chlamydomonas
Sourcebook, pages 42-47.  A shorter version of the same text appears
in the second edition, volume 1, pages 255-256.


Elizabeth H. Harris

Chlamydomonas Center


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