[Chlamydomonas] Recombinant Autolysin

Henry Taunt via chlamy%40net.bio.net (by h.taunt from ucl.ac.uk)
Mon Nov 8 09:31:10 EST 2010

Dear Chlamy-folk,
	Has anyone ever tried producing autolysin recombinantly in E. coli? I've found reference to the mmp1 (formally GLE) ORF  being expressed in this way in order to investigate the transition from pro-peptide to mature form but the paper neglected to mention if the resulting protein was active or not. It does however describe 5 glycosolation sites on the mature form of the enzyme which may or may not be required for function. If anyone has looked into this before then any guidance would be greatly appreciated. If not I'll give it a go and let you all know how it works out!

Thanks in advance,

Henry Taunt
University College London

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