[Chlamydomonas] Freeze drying duration time?

Joseph Longworth via chlamy%40net.bio.net (by j.longworth from shef.ac.uk)
Thu May 3 13:33:51 EST 2012

Hi Chlamy-digest

I hope your well.
Like many i use freeze drying as a way to obtain a dry cell weight for my
algal samples prior to further analysis. Recently people have question me
about how long the sample needs to be dried for. According to the
literature it suggest anything from 2 hours to 48 hours.

So what do people typically use?

Is there literature to back up your times?

I realise it is dependent on machine and sample but for example a frozen
pellet less than 10mm thick.

Thank you in advance for any replies
Joseph Longworth
Ph.D. Student
Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
ChELSI institute
The University of Sheffield
Mappin Street, Sheffield
S1 3JD, United Kingdom

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